The year 2021 is St. George the Great Martyr’s centennial year. To celebrate this milestone, the St. George Centennial Committee is organizing a public history project. This project includes an exhibit, as well as the collection and eventual cataloguing of photos, documents, and oral histories from members of the St. George community.


The Centennial Committee seeks materials that speak to the history of the St. George community, from 1921 to the present day. Some themes include:

  • immigration to the United States

  • migration to Birmingham

  • religious celebrations at St. George

  • the Middle Eastern Food Festival

  • work life

  • family life

  • home altars and icons

  • other topics that capture the rich experience of being Melkite in Birmingham


The Centennial Committee will also consider materials that refer to life in ‘the old country’ in the years leading up to immigration to the United States.


Please use this form to submit the following:

1. Scans of historical photos (i.e. old photos from family albums)

2. Scans of historical documents (i.e. immigration registries, newspaper clippings, wedding announcements, ledgers)

3. Photos of historical artifacts you would be willing to display in the exhibit

  • religious icons

  • fixtures from a family business

  • articles of clothing with religious significance

  • any item that speaks to the values and interests of the St. George community


The Centennial Committee will use submissions made through this form to select images, documents, and artifacts for the exhibit. Should yours be selected, a member of the Centennial Committee or other approved volunteer will contact you to finalize permission and to ask you to fill out a limited release form. Submitting does not obligate you!


A few things to keep in mind:

  • Use one form per item, but feel free to submit as many forms as you like.

  • Mobile apps like Scannable allow you to scan using your mobile phone.

  • Please submit with an eye toward educating the non-Melkite public about your proud history!


Contact Phillip Ratliff at, should you need assistance or if you have questions.