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The Holy Eucharist

Father Justin Live

What is the Eucharist?

Read John 6:53-54


What do you “see” when you read this?

When did Jesus give His Body and Blood for the people?

(During Last Supper, on the cross, during every Eucharist)


When do we fulfill this Jesus’ command?

Watch the following video about Jesus’s last supper

Why did Jesus Christ eat this solemn supper with His disciples?

What was it called? (Passover).

It was a big holiday. Other people were celebrating it too. Why?

For Jewish people it is still a major holiday. Jesus was a Jew, so He celebrated it too.

Watch the following video about Passover

List the things that probably were the same for both: Jesus and other Jews during this Passover (items that they ate and drank, prayers, remembering what God did for them…) What was different? (Jesus changed wine into His Blood and bread into His Body; from now on, we should celebrate and remember not only what God did for His people in Egypt, but especially what Jesus did for us)

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