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Read John 8:58-9

Father Justin Live

Explanation of the Pantocrator and Man Born Blind Icons - Shirley LaRussa

Now I See by Marilyn Lashbrook and Illustrated by Stephanie McFetridge Britt

Read by by Paige Ritchey

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Who is the Blind Man?

Man Born Blind Bible Story with Questions

Scripture and Discussion Questions

 John 9:1-12

What are the two main differences in how this healing differs from other healing miracles Jesus performed?


John 9:15-16, John 9:18-21, and John 9:24-27

Why did the Pharisees persist in asking about the blind man and how he received his sight?

John 9:24-34

Why did the Pharisees cast the man out?

Do you feel "cast out" when you stand up for Christ and His teachings?




Coloring page

Blind man mask activity

Jesus heals the blind man


Family Project Options:

Make a news report – Create your own news report using the story of the blind man. All family members can participate as an anchor, reporter, Jesus, the Apostles, blind man, blind man’s parents, people in the crowd, the Pharisees—some will have multiple rolls!

Act it out – You may also simply act out the story with your family members.

Video your news report or play and share with us!

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