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Melkite Greek-Catholic Church

“God is light; In Him there is no darkness...”  

[1 John 1:5]

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Nearly 2,000 years ago Antioch in Syria was the first center of Christianity outside Jerusalem and a hub for evangelization. Today, Antioch is no longer a great missionary city, but the spirit of Antioch lives on in St. George Church.

St. George is a parish of the Melkite Diocese of Newton, MA; a nationwide diocese of around 50 parishes, missions and outreaches. We are the only Melkite Church of Antioch in Alabama.

For nearly 100 years, St. George has had an integral presence in Birmingham, AL. We were the merchants and store owners who supplied the needs of the workers in the iron industry who made Birmingham the Magic City.

One of our former pastors, who became Archbishop Joseph Raya of Galilee, marched with Dr Martin Luther King, Jr. and participated in the civil rights movement here in Birmingham.

Today, we are a vibrant and diverse community. We have members from various Eastern churches and those who have fallen in love with our beautiful worship and warm community life.


Middle Eastern roots…Southern heritage…welcoming everyone

St. George Live Streaming Schedule

Our Stream Schedule will be updated here regularly until we are able to return and attend Regular Church Services. 

Holy and Great week at St. George Birmingham

Facebook Livestreaming Schedule


Friday (4/3/20)…Great Vespers for Lazaros Saturday…6:00 pm


Saturday (4/4/20)…Great Vespers for Holy and Glorious Palm Sunday…6:00 pm

Followed by a separate livestream: Palm Sunday in the Domestic Church


Sunday (4/5/20)…Orthros for Holy and Glorious Palm Sunday…9:30 am

Procession with Palms and Divine Liturgy…10: 30 am

Bridegroom Orthros…6:00 pm


Monday (4/6/20)…Bridegroom Orthros…6:00 pm


Tuesday (4/7/20)…Bridegroom Orthros…6:00 pm


Wednesday (4/8/20)…Holy Anointing…6:00 pm


Thursday (4/9/20)…Vespers/Liturgy of St. Basil for the Last Supper…5:00 pm

The Crucifixion Service…7:00 pm


Friday (4/10/20)…The First and Third Royal Hours…9:00 am

The Sixth and Ninth Royal Hours…12:00 noon

Vespers for Descent from the Cross…3:00 pm

The Funeral of Christ Orthros…7:00 pm


Saturday (4/11/20)…Vespers/Liturgy of St. Basil…5:00 pm

Hasmi, Paschal Orthros, Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom…10:00 pm


Pascha and Bright Week…no livestream services scheduled at this time…TBA

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Regular Schedule

Vespers: Wednesdays at 6 PM (Followed By Adult Education)

Divine Liturgy:  Saturdays at 5 PM,   Sundays at 10:30 AM

Orthros:  Sundays at 9 AM

The Way Classes: Sundays at 9 AM

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